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Santiago, Chile, 4 July 2023


Dear Brothers and Sisters of PEN Ukraine,


It is with immense sorrow that I write to you, on behalf of PEN International Writers for Peace Committee, to express our deepest condolences, sympathy, and solidarity on the occasion of the murder of our beloved Victoria Amelina recently perpetrated by the Russian aggressor forces when they shelled the Ria Lounge restaurant in Kramatorsk. Victoria, an extraordinary writer, an outstanding member of PEN Ukraine, and a tireless fighter for human rights, will remain indelibly in our memories. On this occasion, we reiterate what we said in the recent Declaration of PEN International’s Writers for Peace Committee on the Russian Federation’s War against Ukraine: “(our Committee) expresses its full solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they fight for their freedom” … “Accountability for war crimes is crucial. All those responsible must be brought to justice immediately”.


Germán Rojas

Chair Writers for Peace Committee

PEN International